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What's New?


CommCat version 4.10.0

1. World Circle Map

Show latest spots, or latest spots from the DX Spot Manager selected folder.


2. Special Call and WPX Prefix fixes

Random problem with incorrect DXCC Numbers being logged now fixed.

WPX Prefix correctly logs the number.  W6HN WPX is now W6 rather than W.

Options added to the Maintenance program to fix Special Calls not marked as such and WPX prefixes in your log.


3. DXCC Entity Status

Reflects the DX Focus call band and mode rather than radio band and mode.


4. Telnet DX Cluster

Added option to provide local echo of characters.

Option to show window in classic or colored text style.


5. Radios

Added IC-7300 and FTdx-1200


6. Push Notifications

CommCat and CommCat Mobile support rich DX Push Notifications which deliver additional info and QRZ images in the notification.


7. Many bugs fixed.

CommCat version 4.9.0

1. Fldigi support

Control Fldigi from CommCat.

Control CommCat from Fldigi

Automatic transfer of logged QSO's from Fldigi to CommCat

2. Advanced Log QSO History

Sidebar shows original QSO History list or new Super Check Partial (SCP) list

SCP shows calls matching characters as you enter a call in the Call box

Add external lists to show external data plus your own log

Advanced Log Sidebar can be detached from the Advanced Log window


3. Advanced Log

RST-R and RST-S automatically tab to next field when the proper number of characters is entered

YL field added to denote YL contacts for awards

Worked Before (WB4) window added


4. Telnet spots

Telnet settings now accommodate site passwords


4. Instant Web Page

Bypass bio and images to speed up lookups


5. Bug fixes


CommCat version 4.8.0

1. CommCat Mobile

Create DX Spot Manager Rules to make calls to CommCat VoIP on your mobile device.

Support for Apple Watch, work the world from your wrist!

Calibrate the CommCat Mobile S-meter

2. Radio Control

FlexRadio 6xxxx SmartSDR interface improved

FlexRadio 6xxxx support for two slices added


3. Bug fixes


CommCat version 4.7.0

1. Bug Fixes

DX Summit missing note character

Incorrect Entity for portable calls fixed

Look up for call prefixes starting with number, such as 9V1, fixed

Miscellaneous bugs fixed

2. Radio Control

Alinco DX-SR8, Yaesu FT-991 added


3. Advanced Log

QSO's with a large number of comments was causing logging sluggishness

Comments with an exclamation point were causing problems

CommCat version 4.6.0

1. CommCat Remote

Control your station from a second copy of CommCat located elsewhere

CommCat VP serves as a remote bridge

VoIP (2-way audio) is available for CommCat Live users


2. Bug fixes


3. Rotor control

Callbook lookup option for precise bearing

Rotor tracking enable/disable on Circle Map


4. Logging

Option to log in upper case characters


5. VoIP

Separate VoIP audio devices for each radio

Gain controls for each audio device


6. Radio Control

Faster start up


7. DX Spot Manager

Add multiple calls in Watch panel.

Action to send spot notifications by email allows normal email provider settings (SSL).

Alert Popup timeout can be set.

Click frequency in Alert Popup to tune there or call to set DXSM Quick Filter.

CommCat version 4.5.0

1. CommCat Live

added log display on each MyQSX site

ADIF upload and download to mylog retains log name

real-time log sync with CommCat Mobile

improvements for new MyQSX server

2. Radios

added Elecraft KX3

added Omni Rig support

connect to a radio through an Internet connection

CommCat VP utility syncs external programs to your radio (See CommCat VP Help)

3. CommCat Mobile

added real-time log sync

use dyndns as IP address

dead man sensing shuts off PTT when connection lost

internal VoIP replaces Skype for CommCat Live users

4. Advanced Log

sort order sticks between sessions

comments field height van be changed

5. Instant Web Page

street view added to Google map

6. DX Spot Manager

local and UTC clock display

7. ADIF Export (including LoTW)

Use Report Filter to specify exported log records

Compatible with latest tQSL (version 1.14.1)

CommCat version 4.4.0

1. Tuner

6- and 2-meter Main and Bandspread dials added

Main dial expanded to show 100 kHz to 150 mHz

Bandspread tuning with mouse wheel

Move Tuner outside main window using right-click menu

Use enter key to tune after changing digital frequency display

2. Band Spotter

Tuning with mouse wheel, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, or 1kHz per step

VFO Hold or Dial Hold tuning modes

Up/Dn tuning buttons added

Improved multi-Band Spotter window support

Mode and band access from Band Spotter

Easy-to-read digital frequency display

Change font face and size from View menu

Move window outside main window from View menu

Spot tool tip shows underlying DX Spot Manager rule

3. Advanced Log

Menu bar layout improved

Send spots from menu bar

QSL Now button reflects the last QSL type sent

Improved start/end QSO time control

Automatic callbook lookup when Call changes

Settings access from Advanced Log toolbar

Comments show all comments for the selected call

Submit eQSL automatically when call logged

Copy/Paste enabled for all fields

Dupe checking improved

4. Instant Web Page

New navigation bar

Weather data loaded automatically

Back and forth buttons retain call history

Copy selected text to clipboard

5. DX Spot Manager

Send iPhone DX Spot Push Notification action added


6. Radio Control

Radio control module rewritten for significantly improved performance

COM port support for radio ports above 8 improved

TS-950S and IC-7410 added

Send CW using Elecraft K3 internal keyer

DN added to main Split toolbar for negative splits

Radio name added to radio indicator in bottom status panel and Current Radio menu

Lock added to Mode toolbar to lock the current mode

Transmit button added to main toolbar

7. UTC Clock

UTC Clock window opened from Tools menu

Adjust to any size for easy reading

Move outside CommCat Main window


8. Backup

Back up to network drive

Back up to flash drive

Back up to CD-ROM


9. eQSL

Send eQSL each time you log

Create eQSL default comment for all submissions


10. Rotor control

Support for PSTRotator, up to 3 instances


11. CommCat Live

Use 'in QSO' to prevent time out of activity indicator

Synchronize MyQSX on line log with CommCat log

When you start a QSO, your site will show "in QSO with 'call'"



Resize windows

Settings and macro problems fixed

Log data clear button added

PSK window right-click text selection

Macro button area now shows 16 macros


13. MixW

Improved interface with CommCat


14. CommCat Mobile (version 1.3)

DX Spot Push Notifications

Customizable radio control macros

Customize macro button captions

Radio selection

PTT button on Tuner window


CommCat version 4.3.0

1.DX spot LoTW status added to DX Spot Manager

2.Omni VII, FTdx5000 radio supported

3.Use RTS or DTR on COM port for PTT

4.Brother Label Printer added to Advanced Log QSL Now

5.Improved logging for MixW

6.Updated data grids for DX Spot Manager, Advanced Log, and others

7.Bug fixes in DXCC Award, Entity Status, Advanced Log, and other windows

8.WinKeyer initializes correctly on program start

9.CommCat Mobile rotor control, IP address auto connect, and radio frequency tracking added

10. When you log a needed spot, the spot status in the spot list is updated immediately

11. Manual logging of previous contacts is improved

12. Improvements in mode control when using MMVARI or MMTTY

CommCat version 4.2.0

1. FixPJ utility added to automate the PJ entity changes as of 10/10/2010

2. Bug fixes in Entity Editor, Entity Status Grid, DXCC Summary, and CommCat Live windows

3. CTY Comparator for using the CTY database to update CommCat's entities improved by streamlining the process

4. Added s-meter data, password security, and macro options for CommCat Mobile

5. MyQSX Log (Beta) provides a way to store your log online.  Upload your log using ADIF, or automatically if using CommCatLive.  View, edit, download and compute statistics for your log.

CommCat version 4.1.0

1.Support for CommCat Mobile

2.QSL Adr Lookup in Advanced Log is smarter

3.Bug fixes

CommCat version 4.0.7

1. LoTW download fixed to conform to new ARRL web site.

2. Bug fixed in new PSK window which prevented deleting TX window text.

3. Bug fixed in DXCC Entity Status window when using "External" version.

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