CommCat 4.10.0


the DX Advantage

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CommCat 4.10.0


the DX Advantage


"The best power amplifier is a DX program that gets you there first!"



Welcome to CommCat, the intelligent Windows radio control and logging program for hams who share the passion for working DX. CommCat combines the latest technological advances in the Internet, personal computing, and radio engineering to provide exciting new ways to enjoy the amateur radio hobby.

DX contacts can provide so much more than a brief exchange of calls and a 5NN signal report. They also can be an opportunity to learn about the world around us--its geography, history, culture, and the story of its people. CommCat provides a way to learn about the countries and people of the world as you hear and work new countries.

What is CommCat?

CommCat provides tools to help you work DX, log, track awards, and QSL while learning in the process. CommCat is not designed for contesting or specialized communications. There are many excellent programs already available to help you win a contest or predict when the next satellite window will be. If you want to outsmart the pile ups and learn in the process, CommCat--the DX Advantage is for you.

...And What is CommCat Live?

CommCat Live is your own Internet Home Page hosted on the web server. CommCat feeds live data from your station as you operate so visitors to your home page can watch and listen as you work DX, learn more about you on your About page, and listen to DX sound clips from the CommCat Live DX Clip library. If you are lucky enough to have grandchildren, wait till they see grandpa's web site!

QSXer is a free add-on for CommCat that can be used as a reduced feature version of CommCat Live.  To learn more about QSXer, visit

...And CommCat Mobile?

Find, work and log DX from anywhere in the world using your Apple iPhone or iPad.  CommCat Mobile is a free app available on the Apple iTunes app store.  CommCat Mobile connects to CommCat through the Internet to control your radio and antenna rotor, and to operate CW or Phone.  If you have a Live subscription, you can use built-in VoIP (2-way audio) to receive and transmit.

...And CommCat Remote?

When you are away from your shack, but have access to a laptop computer, CommCat Remote gives to a way to operate your station.  CommCat Remote is a second copy of CommCat which connects to the your shack CommCat.  VoIP is provided with a Live subscription for 2-way audio.

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CommCat Demo

CommCat can be installed and then used for 30-days as a Demo.  You can enter up to 30 contacts in the log.  Because CommCat uses the call you used when you registered the program, not all functions will work until you have your own registration code.  Functions that are not available include XML look ups on QRZ, Telnet Web Cluster AutoConnect, and QSXer.

CommCat was written by Howard Nurse, W6HN