Getting Help

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Getting Help


CommCat provides help in a number of ways.  Many of these can be customized to suit your personal preferences. Telephone support is not available.

Main Help

Help is available for most CommCat windows through the Windows HTML help system. The Help window associated with a window can be opened in several ways:

Press the F1 key if you have configured CommCat to provide help when the F1 key is pressed (rather than send CW Message 1).

Use the Help Menu. Menu selections are provided for opening the context Help, Search and Index views of the Help window. Press Alt-H to open the Help menu.


Starting with CommCat 4.0, the Help system has been redesigned.  Buttons in the header of each help topic can be used to navigate, print, or request additional help via e-mail.

What's This? Help

Some CommCat windows have context sensitive What's This? help available for each control on the window.

If the What's This? button appears on the window's title bar:

Click the What's This? button. The mouse pointer changes to a question mark.

Position the mouse pointer over any control in the window

Click the left mouse button

When you have finished reviewing the help for that control, click anywhere else on the window or press the Escape key to close the What's This? help pane.

Tool Tips

With Tool Tips enabled (File, Settings, Program, Help), when you move the Mouse pointer over a control or field, a brief help message is displayed.

Video Tutorials

Visit the CommCat web site or to view video tutorials for CommCat.

Printable Manual

A PDF version of the manual can be downloaded from the CommCat web site.  The PDF version of the manual is formatted for printing.

CommCat Technical Support

Help is available online by e-mail for problems you may encounter while using CommCat. Telephone support is not available.

If you wish to send e-mail, use the address

CommCat Forum

The CommCat Forum is located on the MyQSX web site at