Windows 7 and later

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Windows 7 and later




Beginning with the installation program used for CommCat 4.0, CommCat conforms to the security (User Access Control) guidelines required by Microsoft for Vista and later operating systems.  All data files that require read/write access by the program are located in the My Documents\COMMSOFT\CommCat folder.  It is not necessary to install or run CommCat using "Run as Administrator".


That said, if you are using a program inside CommCat that continues to require read/write access to files in the Program Files folder, it may be necessary to use the Run as Administrator option for CommCat.  You can change the start up setting for CommCat to make this condition permanent.


To set 'Run as administrator' for CommCat:


1.Right-click the CommCat icon on your desktop.

2.Select Properties.

3.Click Advanced on the Shortcut Tab.

4.Click the option Run as administrator.