System Requirements

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System Requirements



XP or later, including Windows 7, 8 and 10

1 GHz or faster processor

4 GB RAM or more

High resolution display (CommCat is optimized for a display having at least 800 x 400 pixels)

Serial ports for radio control, TNC, and rotor operation. CW keying can be configured through the same port as the rig control, other serial ports, or a parallel port. CommCat supports up to 255 serial and 10 parallel ports. Parallel port CW keying is supported. CommCat also supports the K1EL Serial or USB port WinKeyer. USB-to-Serial adapters can be used instead of a serial port.

1 GB free disk space

Sound Blaster sound card or equivalent for CommCat Spectrum Analyzer, RTTY and PSK (only one application can use the sound card at a time). External sound cards, such as SignaLink are fine.

Internet access (optional for call sign lookup, Telnet, DX Cluster, QSL template sharing, and e-mail access). CommCat e-mail functions are not compatible with AOL or web-based mail. Broadband DSL or Cable Modem access required for CommCat Live and CommCat Mobile services.


Station Requirements

Radio supported by CommCat (most Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Elecraft, Flex, Ten-Tec Omni VII, Orion, and Collins KWM-380). CommCat provides direct control of the Omni VII and Orion II and can control other Ten-Tec radios that are Icom compatible or controlled through a compatible program such as N4PY.

TNC via serial port (optional, required for Packet Cluster)

Rotor controller supported by CommCat (Rotor-EZ, RotorCard, Hy-Gain, Yaesu, M2, ARSWIN, Prosistel, Green Heron, and Heath) or PSTRotator.



POP3 compatible (optional for DX notification and QSL exchange) Note: CommCat e-mail is not possible through AOL or web-based email accounts.