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CommCat Live streaming provides a continuous audio stream of your receiver's audio. With streaming, visitors to your web site can hear what you hear. This can be helpful if you are in a roundtable where not everyone can hear all stations, or just fun with others eavesdropping on your conversations and DX exploits.

Unlike commercial streaming which requires a special multimedia server, CommCat uses burst streaming with the audio stream made up of short files. Brief dropouts between audio clips are a result of this technique.

The Audio Clip Player on the CommCat Live site switches automatically to the streaming mode when you turn on streaming in CommCat. The view below shows the player in the normal clip mode.


When streaming is running, the player switches to the view shown below:


It takes 10-20 seconds for the audio clip list to be replaced by the Audio Stream (Delayed) caption. Once Audio Stream (Delayed) appears, click the Player's Play button (right-arrow) to start the stream. When you stop streaming in CommCat, the Player reverts to the clip list.

When Audio Stream (Buffering) appears, the player is synchronizing with the audio uploads.