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Mobile Log

The MyQSX Log provides a home for your CommCat Mobile QSO log on the site.  Your logged contacts are sent to your MyQSX Log automatically via the Internet.  You can also upload logs created with any logging software using the ADIF format.  There is no limit to the number of log entries you can have, and access to your log is free.


Here are the features provided with the MyQSX Log:


Use any browser to view your log

Automatic upload of contacts from CommCat Mobile

ADIF upload of logs with no limits

Edit and delete contact info

Sort and filter contacts

Search for contacts by any field

Download contacts using ADIF, Excel spreadsheet, or XML

Print logs

View graphs of log statistics

View major award status (coming soon)


If you have a CommCat Live account, you can choose to mirror contacts logged with CommCat in your CommCat Mobile log.  To do so, put a check in  File>Settings>Live>Log>Mirror Log in CommCat.


You can also access your logbook through the link  See the MyQSX Log section of Help for additional information.