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CommCat provides a flexible system for maintaining QSO logs. Information about contacts is maintained in logbooks. You can have as many logbooks as you wish. Perhaps you wish to keep a separate log for RTTY operation, or for QRP. It is easy to move contact records from one logbook to another and to switch from one logbook to another. Award data is kept for each logbook.

Logbooks are kept in Master Logs. Master Logs are completely independent from each other. Master Logs are useful if more than one operator is using CommCat such as when several of your family members hold licenses.

Each Master Log carries the call, name, and log preferences for the logbooks it contains. In addition, the path to the digital mode program MixW is kept separately. Separate logs are kept by MixW when it is installed in more than one folder.

The only way to move contact data from one Master Log to another is through ADIF export and import. QSO records can be moved from one logbook to another within a Master Log by using Copy and Paste.

Existing Master Logs are opened, or new Master Logs created, from the File menu.