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Your personal CommCat Registration Code is provided when you purchase the program. The code and your call sign must match for CommCat to run. Under some circumstances you may wish to change the call sign used for registration. For example, you may receive a new vanity call.

Note: You can change the call used by CommCat for the current session. When you start CommCat, the original registered call is used by default. To change the call for the current session, enter the temporary call in the Station window opened from File, Settings, Station. All logs are available no matter what call is in use.

If you wish to make a permanent change to the registered call, the call sign and registration code can be changed in CommCat without reinstalling the program:

Contact COMMSOFT ( to request a new registration code. Please provide your old call and registration code, your new call, and contact information including e-mail address. Your new registration code will be sent to you via e-mail.

Open the Registration Editor window from File, Maintenance. Follow the instructions on the Registration Editor window to enter your new call, name and registration code.