Entity Identification

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Entity Identification

Each Entity is assigned a unique number by CommCat called the DXCC Number. This number, rather than the name of the entity, is used by the program to find information about entities including award status.

The DXCC Numbers come from the Amateur Data Interchange Format (ADIF) specification which is used by many logging programs as a means for exchanging data. DXCC Numbers are assigned below 1000. Numbers above 1000 can be temporarily assigned for use by CommCat when a new entity is not found in the list.

CommCat uses the DXCC Number that is listed in the Entity Grid. The Entity Grid is opened from File>Maintenance>Entity>Entity Grid. In the view below, Abu Ail (not an active entity) has the unique DXCC Number of 2.

entity grid

To edit the information for any entity, double-click the entity of interest.

entity grid ready for edit

To change the order the data are displayed, click the header of the data you wish to use as the order. For example, to see the entity list in order by DXCC Number, click the DXCC header.

If you find that the award summaries reported by CommCat are incorrect, the first place to look is the DXCC Number in the Entity List or the log.